Our Portfolio

  1. Engineering and Consultancy Services
  2. Engineering Procurements Contracts and Technical Services
  3. Facility, Inspection, Audit and Maintenance
  4. Equipment Leasing / Maintenance
  5. Health Safety, Security Environmental Consultancy
  6. Trainings and man power Development
  7. Oil and Gas Tools Equipment Services
  8. Engineering Designs Services
  9. Technical Consultancy Services
  10. Laboratory Services and Equipment
  11. Training for operators , maintenance and project staff
  12. Procurement
  13. Geophysical, Geological, Environmental  Impacts Assessment
  14. Waste management and Pollution Control
  15. Project Management
  16. Training: In-house and Onsite
  17. Construction, Supervision and Management
  18. Solution Management -Environmental management Systems, Quality Management.
  19. Educational skill development and professional trainings.
If you would like to discuss any of this service with us, please contact us at Tel: 08152595358 or training@juuldaam.com